January 2024 Newsletter

New Club Benefits and more in 2024

Happy New Year! We’re excited to start the year off with a new club member benefit.

In addition to your free quarterly tasting benefit, which can be enjoyed with up to three friends, members now have a…

Complimentary Tickets for Two for a Conducted Tasting!

Each club member will receive two tickets for each conducted tasting series: one for the member, and one for their +1.

This benefit refreshes each time we begin a new conducted tasting series.

Scroll down to read about our next Conducted Tasting, and check your email for the reservation link as soon as it’s released.

Attention club members:
Save the date!
The Q1 Release Party is February 2-4!

Club members will soon receive their first email with information about the Q1 release.

Release parties, End of Vintage sales, complimentary tastings and the new benefit described above are exclusive to our club. Memberships start at $96. Got FOMO? Join today!

The New Conducted Tasting Series is Here!

We’re excited to kick off the new year with a new conducted tasting series, coming on the heels of the summer and fall series, “Sommelier’s Taste.”

This anniversary tasting celebrates our first ten years at Tesla Road. It will be a retrospective, intimate look under the hood, guided by one of our trained wine ambassadors, where you will taste and compare the current vintage of each wine with a previous vintage from our library.

Sign up, and you will experience the difference that up to ten years of cellaring can make, and taste wines at the epitome of their maturation against the current release. You will also learn the unique stories of each harvest and vintage, and how it expresses itself in the resulting wine. Going deeper, we will study the “through-line” of our Stone Patch Cab Franc, Choreography, and Clone 337 wines that transcends vintages, and is present in every release.

Reservations will be available soon. Please check your email for the full announcement.

Our Online Store: Bigger and Better!

We’re in the midst of a revamp of our online store. You can already see one big change: the portfolio of our sister winery, Almost Famous Wine Company, is now available for sale.

Now fans of both our wineries can shop our wines in the same place.

Snag some wines today!

Get Your Private Event on Our 2024 Calendar!

Does 2024 mark a big event in your life? Have a child graduating college as part of “class of 2024?” Or a big anniversary? A birthday to celebrate?

And it’s never too soon to plan that Holiday Party or Company Retreat. We have a variety of indoor and outdoor venues to accommodate groups of 40 to 200+.

Our 2024 calendar is already filling up. Contact our Private Events & Club Manager, Genea Powell, to get your party on our calendar.

Darcie’s Studio

Darcie has been busy working on some very personal pieces. Recently, a few important people in her life have gotten married, and whenever there’s been a quiet moment amidst the holiday bustle, she’s been in her studio, brush in hand, painting wedding gifts.

Sadly, these pieces won’t be visible in the Bing’s Barn Art Gallery. But we’re happy for you to have a peek at her work-in-progress of one of these private pieces.

Blocking in major color and shapes

Adding finer details and shadows- still a work in progress, but taking shape!

Vineyards and Crushpad

You might think that January is a quiet time at a winery… the vines lay dormant, with bare, wintry canes reaching up to the sky.

There’s never really a dull moment at Darcie Kent, however – and each January, we get ready for the second wave of bottling. Many of the small lot aromatic white and rosé wines of vintage 2023 were already bottled in December and we will be releasing them over the next several months. Who else is looking forward to Valentines Day rosé? Now on to the bigger production wines…

Bottling is a huge event. While we have a small bottling set-up on the property, for these larger jobs, we call in a mobile bottling line. We love working together, with tasting associates, managers and owners all working elbow-to-elbow with our cellar crew, and the mobile bottling team. You’ll even see Kiersten, the venue manager at Almost Famous, pitching in and slinging cases. Bottling days aren’t unlike the long days on the sorting table, and in a way, they’re the true last-day-of-harvest.